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Make Brno a better place for you and other foreigners to live!

Give us your feedback on your experiences here so we can do more to help foreign professionals, their families and spouses, and other foreigners, sometimes called expats, make the South Moravian Region (SMR) and Brno their new home. We are also interested in the experiences of foreigners who lived in SMR and Brno in the past.


Foreigners currently working, studying or living (also with family) in Brno or South Moravian Region. Or those foreigners who worked, studied or lived in Brno and South Moravian Region in the past.

Especially partners, wives and husbands who came to Brno following their partner are welcome to answer the questionnaire and help us design better support services for families.


Brno City officials want to know more about how foreign professionals, their family members and spouses, and students from abroad feel about living in South Moravian Region (SMR) and Brno, in relation to public services, jobs and careers, and family life, so they can improve the services provided and therefore improve the quality of life of foreigners living in South Moravian Region (SMR) and Brno.


This ANONYMOUS QUESTIONNAIRE is the 2nd edition of the largest effort of its kind in Czech history to learn more about life in Brno and SMR for foreign professionals (expats) and other foreigners from their social background. It will take some time to fill it out (about 30 mins or less) but, do yourself (and your friends) a favour and fill it out and be a part of changing things for the better.

Your answers will be processed and analysed by the census company SocioFactor s.r.o.

If you encounter any problems with filling out the questionnaire, please contact SocioFactor at the email: or phone +420 774 481 441.

After submitting the questionnaire, you will have access to the results of the Great Brno Expat Survey 2018.